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HQ Designs is an Australian fashion house that believes that a dress design should be as individual as the dancer wearing it.

HQ Designs’ philosophy is that copying someone else’s dress although flattering, will only detract from your own true beauty and individuality.  That is why it is our policy not to reproduce a dress, but to help you design and create your own image using influences that will only enhance your individual look.

The idea to launch HQ Designs came out of a love of ballroom dancing and the desire to make every dancer’s vision a reality.

According to HQ key designer Suzi Huckerby it is all about the fit and more importantly the look.  Suzi’s love of costume design has been a love affair extending over 25 years.

Mums and dads alike who have experienced her expertise would agree that in their opinion Suzi makes the best fitting trousers this side of the black stump.

Suzi has made costumes for dance medalists, State, National and Australian Champions alike.

Her costumes have attained international exposure with her extraordinary attention to detail placing her outfits in a class all of their own.

She has made costumes for star, stage and screen, and creations for Burn the Floor.

The Australian Dancesport Championship 2006 saw Suzi’s costume win “best dress”. For this talented dress designer it was time for the birth of HQ Designs to showcase more of these individual pieces.

Suzi’s modest beginnings have turned her into a name in Dancesport synonymous with dancing success.

And for the newest addition to HQ, although for a while there it has been behind the scenes, Briar Kirkby is the designer half of the equation behind each magnificent dress produced by HQ Designs!  Briar has enjoyed more than two decades of success in small business.  She has a raft of accolades and awards to her name ranging from paralegal to property to training and education.  Briar’s interest in fashion and design comes from a personal passion borne from family roots in the textile and fashion industries.

Briar’s personal style is renowned and her eye for detail is remarkable.  Quality and style are hallmarks of every transaction she makes whether it be personal or business. 

Briar was introduced to the ballroom world 5 years ago through her two sons and their dance partners.  Over the years she has watched, learned and picked up tips from those with an eye for great ballroom design.  With increasing confidence, Briar began to turn her hand to designing dresses first for her sons’ partners and then for other couples keen to add the “Briar touch” to their individual looks.  Briar has developed a reputation for seeing the girl or guy behind the costume and dreaming up a great design that is not just a costume, but an entire look!

As the HQ Company slogan says, the dresses are as individual as the dancers wearing them.  One might also add that the dresses are as individual as the designer designing them!


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